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Vizio finally launches M-Series HDTV with passive 3D

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Vizio launched its M-Series Theater 3D TV line, which was announced at CES 2010, with passive 3D technology at an relatively inexpensive price point.

Vizio Razor M3D420SR
Vizio Razor M3D420SR

We're used to seeing TVs at CES take a few months to hit shelves, but Vizio's M-Series Theater 3D TV line have taken nearly a year. These passive 3D TVs use a polarized technology compatible with RealD 3D, which is the same you find in many movie theaters — and the glasses are the same as well, so they're much cheaper to buy or replace than active shutter glasses. The M-Series comes with four pairs of glasses out of the box, and also includes built-in Wi-Fi for accessing Vizio's VIA platform and the standard apps like Netflix and Hulu Plus.

While this line of TVs is still well-priced (the 42-inch model starts at $1039.99), there's certainly not the only inexpensive 3D TVs available. However, if you're interested in passive 3D, Vizio and LG are really your only major options, as most of the industry uses active shutter. If you want to see how Vizio's M-Series stacks up to the competition, we've put together a helpful comparison right here — the closest alternative might be the LG Infinia 42LW5300, with bundles passive 3D technology with a Blu-Ray player for a couple hundred extra dollars.