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Navigon updates iOS app, adds regional map downloading and quarterly map updates

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Navigon's iOS app hit version 2.0 this morning, bringing the ability to download maps state by state, quarterly map updates, and a new interface.

Navigon 2.0 for iOS
Navigon 2.0 for iOS

GPS companies are focusing more and more on smartphone apps instead of standalone devices, and Navigon's no exception — a month after releasing a Windows Phone 7 app, the company's launching version 2.0 of its iOS app today. There are a number of upgrades — like the ability to download maps state by state rather than having to grab the entire USA at once — that should make the app mercifully smaller than the current 1.56GB monster. There's also a new in-app purchase that brings quarterly map updates for $19.99 in the US or Canada. Navigon gave the app a visual overhaul as well, making the app a little better-looking and making it easier to do things like add a new destination without canceling your current route. The upgrades were previewed at IFA a couple of months ago, but they're finally available for download.

The app is available in the App Store now, and is a free upgrade for previous buyers. If you haven't bought the app yet, now might be a good time to do so: the US version of the app costs $39.99 until November 30, when it will go back up to its regular $59.99 price tag.