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Nook Tablet can sideload Android apps, no root required

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There's an easy web-based workaround to sideload apps onto the Nook Tablet.


Nab your Nook Tablet a day or two early, or planning to pick one up tomorrow perhaps? Here's a neat trick: if you download an Android APK via the built-in web browser, you can actually install it to the slate without any special hacks. Though you can't initially access the permissions page from the settings menu, the xda-developers community discovered that when you try to open an APK, you can have the Nook redirect there, and then you can check the box labeled "Unknown sources" to enable sideloading. Then, it's just a matter of finding additional APKs that play nice, whether they be custom launchers or even rival platforms like the Amazon Appstore — The Digital Reader confirms that even the Kindle app works as long as you find the right version of the software. Find a variety of instructions at our source links, and happy hunting!

Update: Just wanted to confirm that this little hack works great. We tried it out on our Nook Tablet review unit and downloaded a few apks through the browser with no issue. Since B&N is restricting app sideloading (Amazon is being much kinder), this is a great workaround for those that don't want to root their new tablets.

Image credit: The Digital Reader