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Asus apes the Smart Cover, charges €39 for folding origami version

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Asus' Smart Cover for the Transformer Prime tablet folds origami-style.

Asus smart cover 640
Asus smart cover 640

If you want a truly smart cover for your Transformer Prime, we'd probably suggest a battery-extending keyboard dock, but if you're looking for that iPad 2 feeling, you could give Asus' new Smart Cover a look. Yes, it's an obvious play on the popular Apple design (not that Apple came up with it first) except this one has extra origami-like creases to fold in more directions. That lets you prop up the tablet at three different angles, as opposed to the two that Apple's product affords, although you'll have to be the judge of whether it's worth the €39 that Amazon Germany is charging... not to mention all the confused looks.

Thanks, Riccardo and Alf!