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Galaxy Nexus on sale in the UK today

Galaxy Nexus on sale in the UK today


Google's Ice Cream Sandwich flagship, the Galaxy Nexus, is being released in the UK. This is the precursor to the phone's imminent launch in the United States.

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Google's big, bold, and beautiful new Android phone is today being released in the UK. The Samsung-built Galaxy Nexus was announced to be launching on November 17th a couple of weeks ago, but some carriers and retailers have since had to bump back their release date for it. Never fear, though, the official Google Nexus Twitter account informs us Phones4U will have the Android 4.0 smartphone in stock at 8AM today, with Vodafone, O2, and Three getting their shipments in at the same time or a few days later. Naturally, we're only talking about the GSM, non-LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus with this UK launch, though the LTE-equipped variety should be making its way stateside right about now so as to complete its highly anticipated debut on Google's home turf.

As it turns out, the Oxford Street Phones4U store will be the only one to have the Galaxy Nexus on launch day today, but O2 and the other carriers are taking orders now and will be able to ship one to you very soon indeed. You know, in case you don't want to encourage this silly practice of exclusive single-store launches. Google tells us the Galaxy Nexus will be available "pretty much everywhere" in the UK from Monday, November 21st.