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First Galaxy Nexus sold was loaded with an old test ROM, gets exchanged

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The very first Galaxy Nexus sold turned out to have still been loaded with old firmware, exposing dev tools and other options that shouldn't be there while also missing some of the final software functionality. It has since been exchanged with a fully functional unit and the whole thing seems to have been an isolated incident.

galaxy nexus
galaxy nexus

Samsung, Google, and Phones4U made a big deal out of the Galaxy Nexus' first sale in the UK this morning, but the chap who obtained that handset hasn't been quite as happy. One of the first people in the queue outside the Oxford Street shop, Alex Ioannou, has ended up with a Galaxy Nexus with an old development ROM still loaded on it, leading to a less than superb user experience and a set of debugging options that shouldn't be available on the final release software.

Alex has since been back to the store, and after being plied with some free ice cream sandwiches, he's now the (finally) happy owner of an up-to-date Nexus. It does seem like this was an isolated and fluky incident, as we've heard other purchasers are reporting fully functional ROMs on their fresh new Galaxy Nexi.

Thanks, Steve!