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Tiny Tower hits the Android Market... for some

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Tiny Tower, the popular 16-bit game for iOS, has hit Android. Although, we have had issues downloading it and getting it to work.

Tiny Tower Android
Tiny Tower Android

For months some of us Android users have watched along as our iOS friends and family did something very odd on their iPhones and iPads: mindlessly built 16-bit towers by adding floors and moving little characters (or "bitizens") up and down an escalator. It's as crazy as it sounds, but the time has finally come for Android phone and tablet owners to partake in the insanity that is Tiny Tower. Mobage has just released the game, which is really like a cross between SimTower and Farmville, in the Market, and while it says it is available for all 2.0 and above, we've seen mixed results across devices. While I was able to download it on my Droid 2 Global and start building my first-ever tower (although, only after I connected to WiFi), I couldn't find it in the Market on the HTC Rhyme or the Flyer. The game is nearly identical to the one for iOS, which means you better grab it now and start getting those bitizens into the Tea House!