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Sony resumes production of SLT and NEX cameras after flood-induced delay

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After indefinitely postponing the release of its new SLT and NEX cameras due to the flooding in Thailand, Sony has resumed production.

Sony NEX-7
Sony NEX-7

After postponing the release of its SLT-A65 and NEX-7 cameras due to the massive flooding in Thailand, Sony has resumed production, according to DPReview. The company has moved the production lines from its affected Ayuthaya site — which makes headphones and lens kits, as well as the cameras in question — to an operational plant further south in Chonburi. The flooding has had enormous repercussions not just for Thailand's residents but for the consumer electronics industry as a whole, with hard drive prices and availability seeing an immediate impact, and Sony pointing to the disaster as one of the driving forces behind its projected $1.2 billion loss this year. The new cameras had originally been slated to ship this month, but even with the plant change, no new release dates have been given yet.