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Skype announces Facebook to Facebook calling with new clients

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New Skype betas bring Facebook to Facebook calling within Skype

Skype Facebook
Skype Facebook

Back in July, Facebook rolled out integrated Skype calling for group chatting within the social network, and today, Skype has some news of its own. The company — which was purchased by Microsoft last May — is now debuting a new beta for both Mac and Windows which will allow you to make Facebook to Facebook calls from within the Skype client.

The rollout includes Skype 5.4 Beta for Mac and Skype 5.7 Beta for Windows, and will allow you to connect your Skype account to your Facebook account, enabling a host of social features including calling, reading friends' status updates, and instant messaging, all from within Skype itself. While Skype already has an instant messaging client of its own, it doesn't have the identifiable user-base that Facebook has, so the moves are sure to be welcome to Skype users.

The upgraded Skype also brings group screensharing to the Windows client (the Mac one already has it), and smoother video rendering to boot. The new Skype clients are available to download now.