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Honda announces 2013 Fit EV, limited availability next summer

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Honda has announced that its Fit EV electric car will be available for lease in select cities starting next summer.

Honda Fit EV
Honda Fit EV

Honda first revealed a concept version of the all-electric Fit EV back in September, and now the company's revealed plans to make it available starting next summer, following in the footsteps of competitors such as the Ford Focus EV. Honda appears to be taking a cautious approach with its first entry into the all-electric market: it's only producing 1,100 Fit EVs over the next three years, and it'll only be available for lease at $399 per month in select cities in California and Oregon next summer, with six East Coast markets to follow in early 2013. Honda hasn't said if or when its making the Fit EV available for purchase, but it should be interesting to see how it fares against the competition.