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Fanny Wang offers nearly endless color combinations for its headphones

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Fanny Wang introduced a new line of headphones with customizable coloration - up to seven different areas are customizable. The price isn't cheap, though - they range from $219.95 to $349.95.

Headphones have often been as much a status symbol as a simple music-listening accessory — just look at white earbuds in the last decade, or the rise of Beats Audio's distinctive cans. Fashion headphone designer Fanny Wang is hoping to capitalize on this craze by offering its own line of custom colored headphones. Similar to Colorware's plethora of multicolored gadgets, Fanny Wang is selling a line of three over-the-ear headphones with seven different areas you can apply your own personal tastes to. The possibilities are practically limitless (over 4.3 million across three models, by our estimates), as are the options for some truly hideous headphone designs. Of course, your creation won't come cheap — custom colorization comes at a $50 premium over standard pricing; the 1001 model rings up at $219.95, the 2001 at $299.95, and the high-end 3001 model at $349.95. The 3001 does include a built-in five-watt amp, 50mm dual-plated drivers, and a bass boost switch in addition to noise cancellation, but let's be honest: if you're looking at Fanny Wang, you're in it for the colors, not the specs.