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T-Mobile expands HSPA+ coverage to reach over 200 million Americans

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T-Mobile doubled speeds for customers in 11 markets to HSPA+ 42 and rolled out HSPA+ 21 in nine more markets, bringing the total number of Americans covered by its HSPA+ network to over 200 million.

T-Mobile 4G coverage map
T-Mobile 4G coverage map

Despite the ever-present spectre of an AT&T acquisition, T-Mobile continues to plug away and roll out more HSPA+ coverage. This time, it's doubling the speed in 11 markets to HSPA+ 42, and launching HSPA+ 21 in nine new markets. Most of the cities are fairly small, but if you're a T-Mobile user in Bloomington, IL, Columbus, GA, or Santa Barbara, CA, you should be able to take advantage of improved speed, provided your device can handle it (for the full list of cities, check out T-Mobile's link below).

This rollout helps T-Mobile cling to its claim of having "America's largest 4G network" — it now covers over 200 million Americans in 208 markets, edging out the 186 million covered by Verizon's 4G LTE (though Verizon just lit up 14 new markets itself). However, AT&T also claims over 200 million Americans covered by its combined HSPA+ and LTE network. If AT&T can roll out LTE fast enough, T-Mobile will have to either ramp up its rollout or consider changing its slogan.