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AT&T uses Google+ to gauge interest in the Galaxy Nexus

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AT&T is polling customers (and potential customers) to find out whether they're interested in the Galaxy Nexus.

Galaxy Nexus Hands-On
Galaxy Nexus Hands-On

Verizon is the only announced carrier for Samsung's Galaxy Nexus in the US so far — but looking at the Nexus S, it stands to reason there may be some other operators in the mix down the road, too (and we'd certainly hope so). To that end, AT&T is using Google+ today to ask folks whether they'd like to see the Ice Cream Sandwich-powered phone on its network "so we can share interest here with our product teams." In other words, it's far from a sure thing — but if nothing else, it's good to see that they're open to the idea, they're listening to customers, and they're paying close attention to one of the more interesting phones of the year.

Thanks, DaEngineer!