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SwiftKey X keyboard for Android updated with new language support, multitouch typing

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The SwiftKey X keyboard for Android phones and tablets has been updated with new features, including full text prediction for several European languages, multitouch support, and a refreshed user interface.

SwiftKey X 2.2
SwiftKey X 2.2

SwiftKey is releasing version 2.2 of SwiftKey X and SwiftKey Tablet X, the text-predicting keyboard software for Android. SwiftKey's key differentiator has always been the "Fluency engine," which uses linguistic analysis of your typing history (including plugins for email, Facebook, and Twitter) to improve its text prediction. Version 2.2 speeds that prediction up and also adds support for full prediction in Spanish, French, Italian, and German. Beyond that, it now supports typing in a total of 35 different languages.

SwiftKey has also updated the technical aspects of the keyboard with multitouch typing, so that keypresses that are "chorded" in rapid succession are more accurately recognized. There's a better settings menu, Dvorak and Coleman keyboard layouts, and a few other user interface improvements like the ability to adjust the height of the keyboard between small, normal, and large. Swiftkey has also lowered the RAM footprint of the app and ensured it's fully compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich.

Below, find a gallery of screenshots from the new version of SwiftKey Tablet X and SwiftKey X for phones. Both are available in the Android Market. SwiftKey X for phones is $3.99, while SwiftKey Tablet X is $4.99, but both are a free update for current users.