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Gametel gamepad for Android quells your Xperia Play envy

Gametel gamepad for Android quells your Xperia Play envy


Swedish manufacturer Fructel has announced that it plans to ship its Gametel Bluetooth gamepad for Android phones next month.

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If you've been considering an early upgrade to get your hands on the Xperia Play — Sony's first "Playstation Certified" device with a slide-out gamepad — then you'll love this. The Gametel is a Bluetooth joypad designed for any phone running Android 2.2 or above, with a rubberized spring-loaded clamp to hold your device in place. It's self-powered, with the battery supposedly lasting for up to 9 hours of game time, and can be used without a handset locked into the grip, meaning that if your phone supports HDMI out you can play your small games on the big screen. Gametel says that over 50 games are supported from launch, including popular titles like Asphalt 5, Cordy, Meganoid, and R-Type.

Pocket Gamer got its hands on a pre-release version of the pad, and is impressed by both the build quality and feel. It's set to ship next month for £49.95 (roughly $78), putting it at a similar price to the iControlPad. However, the Gametel lacks the analog sticks of its more established competition, and while manufacturer Fructel says that few games can actually make use of analog controls, we're sure for some of you it's a decisive factor.