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Nintendo builds life-sized Mario Karts, drives them to the LA Auto Show

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Nintendo has made its debut at the LA Auto Show with a pair of full-sized Mario Karts, equipped with electric motors that mean you can even drive them around. It's all one big, sweet publicity stunt to spread the message about the upcoming release of Mario Kart 7.

nintendo mario kart
nintendo mario kart

Mario Kart wouldn't be our top choice for a racing game crying out to be brought to life, but that hasn't stopped Nintendo from having two full-sized karts from the game recreated and wheeled out at the LA Auto Show. One each of Mario's own four-wheeler and Luigi's Bumble V have been built by the West Coast Customs crew, though they aren't mere models, these are actual electric cars that can be driven! Just look at Reggie Fils-Aime enjoying the thrill of being sat inside the cartoonish kart above.

Nintendo's doing this to promote the upcoming launch of Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS on December 4th — because nothing is quite as three-dimensional as the real world, after all — and is allowing Auto Show visitors an early chance to play the game as well. When all the festivities are done with, the two treasured vehicles will be given away in a partnership with GameStop to members of the game retailer's PowerUp Rewards loyalty program. Check out their unveiling video below.