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Adobe donates Flex SDK to Apache Software Foundation, moves further away from Flash

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Adobe has announce that it's donating the Flash-based Flex SDK to the Apache Software Foundation, taking a step away from Flash on the desktop. It also reiterated its position that HTML5 is the future.

Flash Crash
Flash Crash

Adobe killed Flash on mobile last week after realizing it couldn't compete with HTML5, and now it looks like it's taking a step away from Flash on the desktop. The company has announced that it's donating the Flex SDK, which is used to develop Flash-based internet applications, to the open source Apache Software Foundation, where it will continue on as an independent project. We've also been hearing whispers that the move is part of a broader refocusing that will ultimately see Flash on the desktop canceled as well, but we can't confirm anything yet. We'll see what happens — it seems as though Adobe is making some hard decisions.