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What's next for Sony?

What's next for Sony?


Sony had a tough 2011, but CEO Howard Stringer says things are back on track.

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Bloomberg Businessweek just published a great profile of Sony and CEO Sir Howard Stringer today, asking "What is Sony now?" Stringer says 2011 was supposed to be a year of triumph for Sony as the Tablet S, Tablet P, NEX-7 camera, and a revitalized PSN all came to market, but instead the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, floods in Thailand, and a struggling economy cost the company billions while PSN was ravaged by hackers. Stringer and heir apparent Kaz Hirai say there's reason for hope, though: PSN is moving under the Sony Entertainment umbrella for better integration, the company is working on a "different kind" of TV as it restructures that business, and it just bought Ericsson out and took control of its mobile phone business.

Of course, that's a lot of plans but not a lot of products — and that TV plan needs to move especially fast as that entire industry appears to be in turmoil. (Perhaps we'll see that rumored internet streaming TV soon?) On top of that, it sounds like Stringer is still navigating Sony's complex bureaucracy even as the clock ticks down to March 2013, when Hirai is expected to take over for him. It's a moment of truth — hit the source link for the full profile.