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Twitter for Windows Phone 7 update brings multitasking, other fixes

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Twitter has updated its Windows Phone app to take advantage of multitasking functionality introduced with 7.5 Mango. Japanese language support is also included along with miscellaneous bug fixes.

Twitter WP7 multitasking
Twitter WP7 multitasking

While the framework for multitasking is built inside Windows Phone 7.5, it's up to developers to bring said functionality to individual apps. Thankfully that effort seems to be moving along at a brisk pace, with Twitter being the latest to benefit from Mango's new feature set. The Twitter mobile team recently announced an update to its WP7 offering that introduces multitasking along with Japanese language support and various undisclosed bug fixes.

We gave the updated app a try and found that it performed exactly as advertised. Jumping between screens and returning to Twitter left us at the same spot in our timeline, with similar behavior applying when reading and composing individual tweets. Much like native Windows Phone 7 software, the experience proved responsive and lightweight. Could there be further improvements? Sure. In a perfect world, the app's color scheme would automatically adhere to whichever theme a user chooses in settings. Currently the background remains white by default, regardless of system preferences. Still, that's undoubtedly nitpicking at what otherwise proves to be an enjoyable Twitter client that takes advantage of WP7's strengths.

If you've got a Mango handset, the updated Twitter app awaits you in Marketplace.