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Starz making streaming app, might not require cable subscription

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Starz will be offering an HBO Go-like app for multiple devices to allow streaming of its content, possibly even without a cable subscription.


Back in September, Starz announced it wouldn't be renewing its streaming license with Netflix come February 2012, but that doesn't necessarily mean you'll be without mobile access to the network's movies, TV shows, and original series. President Chris Albrecht announced yesterday that it would launch an application similar to HBO Go for various devices, likely including smartphones and tablets. Better yet, he reportedly indicated that customers might not even need a cable subscription to use the service. That would be a big deal for cord-cutters — networks, like HBO, typically require a cable subscription to stream their content. Starz is also supposedly in discussions for streaming deals with Netflix's competitors (ouch) such as Amazon and Blockbuster. So if all this talk turns into action, you should have plenty of options for getting your fix once it disappears from a certain red-themed queue. No word yet on when the app will be available.