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Samsung vs Apple trial dates set through March 2012 in Australia

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The judge overseeing the Australian case between Apple and Samsung agreed earlier this week to postpone the trial on Samsung's infringement allegations until March 2012. She's now released her scheduling order in the case, and there's a lot going on. Here are some of the deadline highlights.

  • November 23: Samsung must identify products, in addition to the iPhone 4S, that it alleges infringe the three mobile transmission patents it has asserted against Apple.
  • December 6: Apple must identify the details of its defenses on the issues of non-infringement and invalidity, as well as its patent exhaustion and FRAND standards arguments.
  • December 9: Samsung must submit its evidence on Apple's infringement.
  • January 14: Apple must submit evidence supporting its non-infringement and invalidity defenses.
  • February 3: Apple must submit evidence supporting its patent exhaustion and FRAND defenses.
  • March 7 - April 27: final trial on Samsung's infringement case and Apple's defenses.

While the timetable from the court theoretically allows for nearly two months of trial, we shouldn't read too much into that — the issues aren't that complex or unusual. It's more likely the judge is simply allowing herself and the parties some flexibility within that window of time. Nevertheless, both Apple and Samsung have a lot of work to do over the next few months. We'll keep you updated as we learn more.