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Good Deal: Buy a Windows Phone, get a $25 app card

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Windows Phone Good Deal
Windows Phone Good Deal

If you're looking for a smartphone, now's a good time to consider a Windows Phone — there's a host of new options hitting the market, the Mango update is fully rolled out, the marketplace has 40,000 apps, and now Microsoft is giving buyers $25 of free apps. Simply purchase any Windows Phone between now and the end of 2011, enter your phone and IMEI / MEID number at Microsoft's website, and wait for your $25 gift card to arrive, good for any Windows Phone apps or Xbox Live games. It's a good way to try some apps risk-free and start expanding the functions of your phone out of the box, and it's a pretty painless offer to take advantage of. If you want to know more about Windows Phone, check out this comparison of the newest handsets or our comprehensive smartphone buyers guide!

Thanks Lovelace!