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Motorola Droid Xyboard 8.2 pictured with Verizon LTE

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Motorola's upcoming Xoom 2 and Xoom 2 Media Edition tablets appear to have been rebranded under the Droid Xyboard brand for Verizon. PocketNow received an image of a device matching the Xoom 2 Media Edition with Verizon LTE logos as well as a Droid Xyboard logo.

Droid Xyboard PocketNow
Droid Xyboard PocketNow

We've heard rumors that Motorola's next generation Xoom tablets would be rebranded under the Droid Xyboard name for Verizon, and now an image has leaked to PocketNow supposedly showing off the 8.2-inch Motorola tablet with Verizon LTE onboard. If these images are indeed legit, it looks like Motorola's Xoom branding will be done away with, at least in the US. Aside from the name change and Verizon LTE capability, this tablet should match the Xoom 2 Media Edition that was recently announced by Motorola. We don't know for sure if this name will stick, but signs are certainly pointing that way — now we'd like to see a photo of the 10.1-inch Droid Xyboard with Verizon branding. Also, pricing and availability would be nice.