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Sent app for iOS offers a Gmail client alternative with multiple accounts (hands-on video)

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The Sent Gmail app offers full label and multiple accounts support on iOS.

sent app
sent app

Earlier today, a new Gmail client called Sent hit the App Store, developed by little known developer And a Dinosaur. Unlike Gmail's much-maligned official app re-released this week, Sent offers multiple account support. It also generally feels a bit more sluggish to load mail in our tests. Where the official app offers a slide-out pane for navigating labels, Sent's primary screen is topped with your Inbox, Starred Messages, Important, and Sent. According to developer Zhenyi Tan's Twitter account, the app isn't actually a modified wrapper of Gmail, but it does use a webview in order to display HTML email.

Unfortunately, Sent doesn't offer push notifications or a great offline mode, and with a $4.99 price, we can't recommend this as a primary Mail replacement yet. Still, it's promising to see alternatives to Apple's official Mail app being developed, and we hope its acceptance bodes well for additional third party email apps like Sparrow.