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Steve Jobs' biographer left out details about new Apple products

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Steve Jobs' biographer Walter Issacson says he intentionally left out details about a variety of Apple products.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

On his deathbed, Steve Jobs may have been more forthcoming than we thought. Today, biographer Walter Issacson told the New York Times that he intentionally left out details about a variety of products that Steve was working on. Not only was Steve working on a television, related Issacson, but the Apple co-founder also "wanted to reinvent" photography and textbooks, too. You could argue that the iPhone 4S and iPad do a fine job of each, but it sounds like the biographer may have been privy to future plans as well.

Issacson says he decided that it wouldn't be fair to Apple to reveal details, so they'll probably stay a mystery for now, but until a full-size Apple television materializes, we'll remain skeptical anyhow. It's perhaps not too much of a stretch to imagine Jobs using a biography as an opportunity to steer competitors in the wrong direction.