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Nintendo's Wii turns five

Nintendo's Wii turns five


Nintendo's Wii console was launched five years ago today, going on to bring motion-controlled gaming to over 80 million homes.

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Nintendo's pioneering Wii console celebrates its fifth birthday today, just a few months after the tenth anniversary of the GameCube. The Wii was the first of the major home consoles to introduce motion-controlled gameplay, using the now iconic Wiimote infra-red controller and the partnering nunchuck — a combination which has caused the death of more than a few TVs over the years. While Sony and Microsoft chased traditional gamers with promises of high-definition graphics and huge online experiences, Nintendo focused on a wider demographic, using a lower ticket price and franchises like Mario and Zelda to draw in the masses. Ultimately, it's a bet that paid off — unlike most consoles, the Wii sold at a profit from day one, and has reached 80 million homes worldwide. That's a tough act to follow, and with the next-generation Wii U just around the corner, Nintendo will be hoping it's got what it takes.