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Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin shows video of space vehicle's rocket-powered landing

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Blue Origin has released a pretty impressive video of its New Shepard space vehicle making a vertical take-off and landing during a test flight in may.

New Shepard
New Shepard

Blue Origin has released a video from a test flight of its New Shepard space vehicle making a Vertical Takeoff and Vertical Landing (VTVL) in May, and if we're honest, it's pretty impressive. The vehicle had a bit of a crash during a more extensive test flight in August, but this earlier performance was anything but a failure. Although the rocket appears to struggle gaining altitude shortly after takeoff, it's all part of an intentional and beautiful rocket-powered soft landing. Watch the video below and reawaken your childhood dreams.

VTVL is an important part of making launch systems reusable, but Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' company isn't the only one working on the next generation of space travel technology. SpaceX's Elon Musk dreams of making reusable rockets to colonize mars, and Virgin Galactic is already booking space flights for both research and leisure. Each of these companies is connected to NASA's efforts to find a new transportation method for the space program after the Space Shuttle, which turned 30 earlier this year, was retired following its final mission in July.