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Supercut Mad Men
Supercut Mad Men

You've probably seen a supercut before — some poke fun at Robin's spirituality while others examine how diplomacy is in constant need of lightsabers. These supercuts — as coined by tech writer Andy Baio — take every instance of a specific phrase or action in video (such as the colored beams constantly shooting out of the lightsabers) and put it into a montage. In 2008, Baio created a blog to keep up with the explosion in popularity of this meme, and now he's launched a new site with digital artist Michael Bell-Smith which will attempt to archive every single one of these montages.

While these supercuts provide quite a few laughs, they have gained mainstream popularity as a reflection of our culture and can also be used to make a point. One montage on the unreliability of cellphones in horror movies can show a dearth of creativity in the industry, while another montage on our president's spending habits can provide a new, if out-of-context, view of our economic situation. seems intent on following this meme to see what new perspectives it can provide.