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One Day On Earth becomes a feature film

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One Day On Earth
One Day On Earth

Last year on the 10th of October, the One Day On Earth project got thousands of people around the globe to snap photographs and record videos of what was most important to them. With the help of the UN and an array of non-profits it produced more than 3,000 hours of footage that they've pared down into a documentary set to be released this year. Now they're doing it all again: on 11-11-11 they're once again asking everyone and anyone to contribute their voice in One Day On Earth, and to record what inspires them as part of this massive global art project.

One Day On Earth has a lot in common with the YouTube/Ridley Scott documentary Life in a Day, which was shot in July of 2010, though by all accounts both were developed completely independently, and One Day On Earth was in development since 2008.