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AirPlay-enabled Libratone Live and Lounge finally available

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Free iOS app customizes audio for the shape and size of your room

Libratone Lounge family
Libratone Lounge family

The extremely expensive Libratone Live and Libratone Lounge speakers were first announced back in July and initially pegged for September release. Now, two months late, the high-end AirPlay-supported speakers are finally available in the USA and can be picked up online through the Apple Store. The smaller Libratone Live goes for $699.95 and the Libratone Lounge for $1,299.95. Both are meant to have a cashmere version for an extra $100, but that doesn't seem to be available on the Apple Store — our deepest sympathies to those of you who desperately wanted the extra softness. Our reviews of both the Live and the Lounge, the speakers have wonderful sound and gorgeous design — but is that enough to make up for the extreme price?

The wireless speakers can also be controlled wirelessly with a free iOS application which lets you set the parameters of your room and adjusts the speaker output accordingly. Check out the video trailer after the break.