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Samsung Focus closer to running custom ROMs thanks to new hack

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Dark Forces Team has its MAGDLR bootloader running on the Samsung Focus, which will potentially allow custom ROMs to be installed on the Windows Phone 7 device.

MAGDLR on Samsung Focus
MAGDLR on Samsung Focus

Dark Forces Team has apparently managed to get its MAGLDR bootloader running on a Samsung Focus, opening a wealth of possibilities that could potentially see the first-generation Windows Phone 7 handset running custom ROMs and dual-booting between operating systems. The group supplied the above photos on its forums as proof of the milestone, which is currently under development with team member Cotulla presiding over things.

MAGLDR was originally developed for the HTC HD2, allowing users of the device to rid it from the shackles of the antiquated Windows Mobile 6.5 software it shipped with and take advantage of modern OS alternatives like Android and WP7.

While there's no word of a public release just yet, Cotulla emphasizes the hack will work only with the original Focus when that day comes. As such, owners of the new Focus S and Focus Flash will likely have some waiting to do — though we're not sure why anyone not satisfied with Mango in its current state would've made that purchase in the first place.