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There is more to Linux than Ubuntu..


I've just taken a look at the Linux/Open source forum here, and you'd have thought that Ubuntu was the only version of Linux available. As a user of Linux since 1998 and Ubuntu since 2005 I've had my fair share of ups and downs with the OS. And have I'll admit used Ubuntu on Desktops for a long time. Unfortunately i've been getting more and more dismayed with the little things on each release. Petty things really like mucking about with repository managers i'd rather have Symantec over the Software Center, dropping apt-get for aptitude or was it the other way round? I forget. Unity, while i don't like it didn't bother me that much and several other under the hood changes over years have just made my workflow a bit harder. I'll confess this is probably because i'm a long term linux user, most of my gripes wouldn't even be noticed by most new users..

I do however find it interesting that Linux is a space which seems to ignore competition, in any other arena when a new kid comes along and takes over, others try and emulate and then move forward from. The old guard such as Fedora and Suse however just seem content to chrun out much of the same and only in the last release of Fedora did I even see an Operating system which was starting to get serious in what its doing..

There are Ubuntu Spin off's most notably Linux Mint, however this has become so community driven its splintered and fractured what was becoming a decent Ubuntu Replacement which is a shame. 

There are other Linux Desktop's out there I reviewed PinguyOS a few weeks back on my blog and came to the conclusion it has potential but looked like a dogs dinner at the time, the latest release appears to be working well with Gnome 3.

So it struck me as interesting that a distro based on one of the original Linux founding Distros Gentoo would jump out and grab me so hard that i'm now using it full time on a Desktop and a Netbook.

Sabayon Linux 7is for me, what a desktop linux should be with the Gnome 3 interface, unobtrusive, using user and root accounts, tools installed i need out of the box, bleeding edge drivers so even new hardware works properly and swift as anything.. The test machine was an Acer Aspire One D255 and using the built in netbook install, which appears to chop back on unneeded proceses and drivers so the system runs smooth and as i said, i've not needed to go back to Ubuntu. (Review of that process here)

So, what daily Distros are you using other than Ubuntu or Ubuntu based ones here? and more to the point Why? I'm not slamming Ubuntu, it's just not for me right now. And i'd sugest its not for everyone either..