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Samsung Galaxy S II running Ice Cream Sandwich shown on YouTube (update: LG Optimus 3D too!)

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Hackers already have Ice Cream Sandwich running on the Samsung Galaxy S II just a few days after Google released the source code.

AT&T Galaxy S II (Hero)
AT&T Galaxy S II (Hero)

It's only been a few days since Google released the Ice Cream Sandwich source code and the hackers at xda-developers already have it running on a Samsung Galaxy S II. It's only an unreliable alpha build at the moment, but it's already able to connect to Wi-Fi, send SMS messages, run the music app, and access the Android Market — it also runs the pointless-but-fun "flying Nyandroid" easter egg we highlighted in our Galaxy Nexus review. Enterprising Galaxy S II owner Ouverta is posting frequent updates to his YouTube page as the build gets more and more stable. Time will tell whether the hacking community can get Ice Cream Sandwich out to the masses before Samsung's official update; for now, check out the convincing video evidence below.

Update: The LG Optimus 3D got a similar helping of ICS. And yep, it's on YouTube too — check it out below.