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Nook Tablet rooted, locked bootloader still an issue

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Barnes & Noble's Nook Tablet gets rooted, enables access to the Android Market.

Nook Tablet root
Nook Tablet root

Sure, there were some early reports that the Nook Tablet may be hard to root because of a locked bootloader, but leave it to those savvy guys in the xda-developers forum to come up with some temporary workarounds. There are two of ways to get the 7-inch tablet rooted — a one-click Windows tool (created by Indirect forum member) and an adb setting method — though both are really just temporary at this point. Rebooting the tablet will result in wiping all that hard work. Is it worth the hassle? We can't tell you that, but we can tell you one of our major complaints about the Tablet was missing applications and the buried Web shortcut. Of course, there's already a simpler hack to get your favorite apps on the $250 tablet, but we're guessing quite a few out there will want to go for the full Android Market. We'll be keeping an ear to the ground on custom ROM support, but those piping hot rooting instructions await at the links below.