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Tascam's iM2 stereo mic for iOS withstands 125dB SPL for $79

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Tascam's new iM2 stereo microphone was announced earlier today, bringing stereo recording to Apple's iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad — available now for $79.

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Tascam announced its new iM2 stereo microphone today, bringing stereo recording capability to your iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch. It's not the first to market by any means, with Alesis, Blue, Belkin, Logitec and many others already producing similar products, but Tascam is offering something a little different. Unlike most of these other solutions, the iM2 includes its own preamplifier and stereo limiter, meaning it's capable of recording at much greater volumes — up to 125dB SPL — before distorting.

Although Tascam isn't known for its microphones, the capsules are shared with the popular DR recorder series, so should provide good quality recordings. The choice of what looks like an A / B mic configuration seems unusual as compared to the majority of X / Y recorders out there, but the rotating capsules should make focusing your recording simple enough. The iM2 is available now for $79, with a matching high-quality recording app for iOS on its way soon.