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ExoPC teases 40-inch EXOdesk 'interactive desk' for $1,299 in 2012

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ExoPC teases EXOdesk table-top computer for $1,299 in 2012.

ExoPC EXOdesk
ExoPC EXOdesk

ExoPC just posted a "first look" teaser of its upcoming EXOdesk "interactive desk" with more details promised at CES 2012. From the looks of it, EXOdesk is a tabletop computer similar to the Microsoft Surface and features a personalized workspace measuring "40 high definition inches," as the video describes it. EXOdesk also appears to offer a rather significant overhaul to the EXO UI we've seen running on the company's tablet and all-in-one computers.

The teaser ends with an ambiguous splash showing a $1,299 price and 2012 date. That would make the EXOdesk significantly cheaper than the $8,400 pre-order price of the 40-inch Samsung SUR40 running Microsoft Surface 2.0. Whether it's as elegant and robust as Microsoft's solution can't be said until we've had the chance to see the two for ourselves in January.