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Occupy HTML movement rises up to oppose Occupy Flash zealots

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An Occupy HTML website has been set up to provide the counterargument against the Occupy Flash web polemic.

occupy html
occupy html

The Occupy Flash insurrection is only just getting started, but already we have an Occupy HTML nemesis to put it up against. The first of these sites advocates actively uninstalling Flash Player from your machines so as to encourage web developers to move with the times and to transition to more modern, probably HTML5-based technologies. Now, in response, Occupy HTML seeks to restore some sanity to the discussion and to encourage users, on both sides of the creator / consumer divide, to simply use the best technologies available. Flash, argues the upstart Occupier, is a mature web plugin that's been put to good use all over the web and "powers some amazing experiences." We needn't be so hasty to flush it while it's still delivering rich web content that cannot be easily replicated through other means.

As such, Occupy HTML is really a companion piece to Occupy Flash, urging a more gradual approach from all parties rather than doing what its name suggests and dragging HTML5 through the mud. This is less a war and more a mild-mannered discourse on the specifics of how and when the world rids itself of Flash. Still, you'll probably have to pick a side anyway.

Thanks, Dobromir!