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Asus Padfone spotted on GLBenchmarks with Snapdragon S4 processor, qHD resolution

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The Asus Padfone has been sighted on GLBenchmarks, where two of its key specs have been revealed: a qHD resolution and MSM8960 processor.

asus padfone
asus padfone

It's been a quiet five months since Asus announced the Padfone, but finally we're hearing some more about that hybrid Android device. Notebook Italia has come across OpenGL benchmark results for the Padfone, the most interesting aspect of which can actually be found in the system info area. There, we discover a Qualcomm MSM8960 SoC (aka Snapdragon S4), running at a max speed of 918MHz. That probably means it'll roll along at 1GHz in the final retail units, with two cores being the most likely count. Also listed among the GLBenchmarks data is a qHD (960 x 540) screen resolution and an Android 2.3.5 OS build.

It's not surprising to see Asus developing the Padfone using Google's older operating system. The device has been in the works for a long while and the company has always said that it'll endeavor to release the Padfone with the latest version of Android. In other words, although this smartphone that can turn into a tablet currently runs Gingerbread, we shouldn't be surprised to see it covered in Ice Cream Sandwich when Asus finally brings it out for sale. Now if only someone would tell us when that will be.