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55-inch OLED TVs from LG and Samsung before 2012 Olympics, says ETNews

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ETNews reports that LG Display and Samsung are both planning to show off 55-inch OLED TVs at CES in January. The sets are reported to be coming to market in July, 2012.


According to a report from ETNews, 2012 might finally be the year for big screen OLED TVs. Reportedly, both Samsung and LG Display will showcase new 55-inch sets at CES in January, with the hope of getting to market before the new TV-buying spree during the run-up to the 2012 Olympics. This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve been burned however, having been teased for years with beautiful large-panel prototypes at trade shows.

LG Display’s CEO Kwon Young-soo told reporters in July that the company was shifting development dollars away from unprofitable small and medium-sized OLED displays toward larger screens, and would be releasing a 55-inch OLED TV by the second half of next year. However, he also stated that the initial production run would "only be tens of thousands" of units, meaning that even if these are the real deal, it still might be some time before they make their way to your local AV shop. Also, as tantalizing as a 55-inch OLED set might be, if LG's 2010 15-inch panel retailing for upwards of $2500 is any indication, price is definitely going to scare off a lot of prospective buyers.