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Good Deal: Droid RAZR and others on sale for just a cent at Amazon

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Amazon is offering all AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless phones for just $0.01 when bought with a new two-year contract this week. This special offer is highlighted by the Droid RAZR, which usually costs $299.99 on contract.

droid razr good deal
droid razr good deal

Amazon Wireless already had one of the best prices for the Droid RAZR when it put the Motorola smartphone up for sale at $111.11 on launch day, but today it's gone even lower. If you're a new Verizon customer or adding a line to your family account, you can now get the RAZR for $0.01 with your two-year agreement. That's a far cry from the $299.99 that Verizon asks when you try to buy the LTE-capable RAZR directly, and even the cost for upgraders is lower at Amazon at $229.99. Of course, signing up with Amazon binds you to a separate set of conditions (which last time we checked included an added early termination fee), but in terms of upfront cost, you can't get much lower than this.

Even better news is that Amazon is giving the same treatment to all phones from Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T this week: a 1-cent price for handsets purchased with a new line. This Penny-Pincher Sale is running from today through to midnight Pacific Time on November 28th.