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Photojojo's Lens Dial case adds three lenses to your iPhone for $249

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Photojojo's Lens Dial is a case for the iPhone which adds a wide-angle, fisheye, and telephoto lens to the phone.

Photojojo iphone tri lens
Photojojo iphone tri lens

If you've been wondering how you can clutter the back-side of your iPhone with not one but three additional camera lenses, Photojojo has just the ticket — its $249 Lens Dial case is an aluminum enclosure which adds a 0.7x wide-angle, 0.33x fisheye, and a 1.5x telephoto lens to your iPhone 4 or 4s. It might not be a good fit for your pants pocket, but the rotating lens disk makes swapping optics much easier than having to fiddle with separate lens attachments and magnets. The ten ounce case is crafted from aluminum and has two tripod mounts for steady portrait or landscape shots. It's certainly one of the better-looking camera attachments we've seen, but it might cost you more than the phone it's attached to.