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Galaxy Nexus launches in Canada on December 8th

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Bell Mobility and Virgin Mobile have announced December 8th as the launch date for the Galaxy Nexus in Canada.

galaxy nexus
galaxy nexus

Bell and Virgin have today made their launch date for Google's Galaxy Nexus official: December 8th. The price will be just under CA$160 from either retailer, saddled with the usual three-year contractual commitment. Pre-orders are opening up today and there's a so-called Twitter Line-Up that will take place on December 1st, which will guarantee the first 100 people to tweet about the launch a Galaxy Nexus on the day of release.

The December 8th date will be familiar to you, because that's the rumored release date for the Ice Cream Sandwich flagship phone over in the US. This announcement confirms the North American arrival for the Galaxy Nexus is coming on that day — only question is why Verizon hasn't made it official yet.