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Wilocity to show 4Gbps 802.11ad products at CES 2012

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Wilocity plans to show 60GHz 802.11ad wireless products capable of data rates up to 4Gbps at CES in January and have them on shelves by mid-2012, but the technology only works over short distances so it's limited to single room networking.


Wilocity plans to show wireless products at CES 2012 capable of data rates up to 4Gbps, a good chunk of the 7Gbps possible on the 802.11ad specification. The new standard was created by the WiGig Alliance, where Wilocity serves on the board, and takes advantage of the 60GHz spectrum's increased bandwidth and lower interference to achieve high performance. That amazing speed doesn't come without some caveats — the technology only works over short distances, so it can't replace your current 802.11n network. However, it should allow HD video streaming, data sync, and cable-free docking within a room, and it connects directly so you won't need to buy a 60GHz router. We'll know how well it really works after products hit shelves in mid-2012.

High-speed wireless connections are nothing new, but none have yet managed to catch on. That could change as the 802.11ad standard has the support of Broadcom, Cisco, Intel, and numerous others — probably most importantly, it's set for a December 2012 final approval from IEEE, which established the ubiquitous 802.11a/b/g/n standards. Ultimately the customers will decide if the technology wins or loses, but 802.11ad looks to have a better chance than Wireless USB.