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Mimo Magic Touch USB-powered capacitive touch mini-displays starting at $299.99

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Mimo has just launched the Magic Touch and Magic Touch Deluxe USB-powered displays that are the first USB displays to contain capacitive touchscreens.

Mimo Magic Touch Deluxe
Mimo Magic Touch Deluxe

Mini USB-powered displays have found a niche as an easy way to add a little extra screen real estate for perpetually running services like Twitter, IM, or iTunes — some even feature touchscreen capabilities. Mimo has been one of the main providers of such displays, and now it's raising the bar by launching the Magic Touch and Magic Touch Deluxe USB monitors with capacitive touchscreens. Mimo claims these are the only USB-powered displays on the market with capacitive touch, and while it's a specific claim to fame, it appears to be a true one.

Both monitors run at 1024 x 600 on a 10.1-inch screen and are powered completely through USB 2.0; the Deluxe also includes two built-in USB ports. The downside is that only computers running Windows 7 are able to take advantage of the capacitive touchscreen; Mac and Vista users might as well pick up one of much less expensive non-touch models. The Magic Touch will set you back $299.99 and starts shipping on December 12th, while the Magic Touch Deluxe comes in at $329.99 and ships on December 20th. Pre-orders are open now, if you want to pick one up in time for the holidays.