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Nook Tablet teardown reveals LG display and hard-to-open case

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IFixit tore down the Nook Tablet and found nothing particularly unusual. They gave it a repairability score of six out of ten because it uses lots of adhesives, and the battery is difficult to access.

iFixit Nook Tablet teardown
iFixit Nook Tablet teardown

The destruction of gadgets at iFixit never seems to stop and today, they've torn into the Kindle Fire's arch-nemesis, the Nook Tablet. There really aren't any surprises here — it has an LG display, a 4000mAh battery with a Nook Color label on it, a volume rocker noticeably absent from the Fire, and of course, the distinctive metal loop in one corner. iFixit gave B&N's gadget a repairability score of six out of ten (Kindle Fire got an eight), because of gratuitous use of adhesives and a battery that requires removal of the motherboard to be extracted. We'd suggest you take good care of your power pack so you never have to open this thing up to replace it.