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Eee Pad Transformer is first tablet to get unofficial Android 4.0 port

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An unofficial ICS port for the EeePad Transformer is shown in a youtube video with working touchscreen, Wi-Fi, and a speedy browser.

EeePad Transformer
EeePad Transformer

The Android community seems to have been working on Ice Cream Sandwich ports from the very moment the source code was released, and now it appears someone has managed to make the Asus Eee Pad Transformer the first tablet to run Android 4.0. The YouTube video below shows a working touchscreen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a fairly zippy web browser. GPS and other sensors are also functioning, but the system doesn't yet respond to them with actions like screen rotation. This is still an early build with graphical glitches and non-functioning audio, so it probably won't be ready as a daily driver just yet. For now, you'll have to be satisfied with pining as you watch the video below.