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Transformer Prime available for pre-order on CDW for $536.99 (update: Amazon and other retailers, too!)

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The Transformer Prime is available for pre-order on CDW, Amazon, and various other retailers in the US and Canada, indicating that a release date could be coming soon.

Asus Transformer Prime lead
Asus Transformer Prime lead

Last time we checked our calendar, early December was right around the corner, which means one thing for us Android tablet lovers: Transformer Prime time. While we still don't have an official release date from Asus, signs are finally starting to point to the impending arrival of the world's first quad-core tablet. CDW has the 32GB version of the Honeycomb tablet up for pre-order at $536.99 (slightly more than the previously reported $499) and our tipster was told by the retailer that it would ship in 10 days. Additionally, last week we saw the tablet quickly listed on Amazon (see below) and pulled within the hour. Now we realize those aren't exactly release date confirmations, but it certainly looks like a number of retailers are getting ready to stock up on some thin 10.1-inch tablets and keyboard docks. Hit the source link below for the CDW pre-order and stay tuned as we try and dig up the official shipping date.

Update: Look what just reappeared on Amazon. You can still pre-order, but note that these are listed as temporarily out of stock. Asus has also chimed in on the retailers taking pre-orders — B & H, Best Buy, GameStop, and Tiger Direct in the US, and Future Shop and NCIX in Canada should all have the Prime up for order now.