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Verizon updates Messages app with multiple device sync, fresh UI, more (hands-on)

Verizon updates Messages app with multiple device sync, fresh UI, more (hands-on)


VZW's messaging app gains ground on iMessage with new features

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Remember Verizon Messages, the carrier's Android SMS / MMS replacement? Well it's looking a lot like Apple's iMessage these days (quite literally, in fact) after a recent 2.0 update introduced phone / tablet syncing, an updated UI, and SD card backup, among other features. Multiple device syncing should prove useful; it's nice to be able to keep a conversation going when you misplace your phone, if nothing else.

Those who've ditched their built-in messaging client in favor of Big Red's offering can pair an Android handset and tablet so long as both are on the same Wi-Fi network. We tested the new functionality with a Droid Charge and Galaxy Tab 10.1, and in our experience things worked largely as advertised with new messages reflected on both devices with very little delay.

The conversation interface has also seen an update, now exhibiting a bubbly appearance that borrows heavily from iOS. Other improvements that round out the update include batch message editing and broadened international language support. Check out our hands-on gallery below, and hit the source link to download the updated Verizon Messages app. Droid RAZR owners and those planning on getting the Galaxy Nexus will need to hold off however, as those devices have yet to gain compatibility.