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Samsung nearly ready to launch Google TV, but not in time for CES in January

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Reuters reports that Samsung is "in last-stage talks" to launch Google TV, but that the companies offering won't arrive until after the Consumer Electronics Show this year.

google tv android market
google tv android market

Remember when Samsung was on the cusp of launching Google TV, but decided that interpretive dance was more its style? Apparently, the company is nearly done "considering" the big screen Google experience for some actual devices. According to Reuters, the company's "in last-stage talks" to produce a Google-powered television and will unveil it next year, but not at CES — which means Samsung execs might still have a chance to kick back and see what kind of competition LG might bring to the table. Details are scarce as can be, but Reuters reports the TV will "differ from those of competitors" in some way. It's perhaps too early to guess what that could mean, but now that the platform has a bona fide app store, perhaps Google TV won't be quite the money sink it was for Logitech.