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Android 4.0 AOSP ported to HTC HD2

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The HTC HD2 has received an upgrade to Android 4.0, courtesy of an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM produced by the developer community.

nexus hd2
nexus hd2

Just like Windows XP, HTC's HD2 just refuses to go away. The elder statesman of the smartphone world, this handset began life on Windows Mobile 6.5, but successive hacking efforts have seen it enjoying a smattering of alternative ROMs, including some of the nicer Android ones. Today, the HD2 adds Android 4.0 to that arsenal. A ROM of the AOSP release of Ice Cream Sandwich is now available to download for the HD2 and, aside from a few incompatibilities and minor glitches, it's looking pretty great. We wouldn't yet recommend you turn this into your daily driver, and the beta label attached to the current release is testament to that, but if you're in an experimental mood and want to freshen up your HD2, the source link is the place to go.